Jazz & M91



PLC with 2 lines text display  HMI and keypad. Contains onboard I/O.



PLC with 2 lines text display  HMI and keypad. Contains onboard I/O and accepts I/O expansions; expands up to 150 I/Os.

Jazz® & M91™

For simple PLC control

with text-only HMI + keypad

Jazz ® & M91™ are full-function PLCs with onboard I/Os and a built-in textual HMI panel, specifically designed to control small machines and simple-to-medium automation tasks. Compact, economical-low-budget control without compromising on features.

Simple Application Programming

U90 Ladder™ for Jazz® & M90™/M91™

All-in-One Software enables you to:

  • Develop your PLC and HMI applications in one environment
  • Configure Hardware & Communications
  • Establish modem and data communications
  • Test and debug your programs

Unitronics Added Value (provided at no charge)

  • All Unitronics Software & Utilities – Plus Updates
  • Personalized Tech Support & Support Forum Membership
unitronics jazz and m91 plc and hmi

Jazz® & M91™ Hardware

unitronics jazz plc and hmi

Both Jazz® &  M91™ HMI panels offer 2 lines x 16 characters text display and embedded keypad. Both are available in models offering a range of on-board I/O configurations including high-speed and temperature options. M91 is also scalable, and is compatible with a full line of I/O expansion modules.

Remote Access

All-in-One, simple configuration

Saves on cabinet space and wiring costs

M90 and Jazz controllers benefit from Unitronics Utilities that enable remote access from PC, data log harvesting, data manipulation, the ability to install  secure, encrypted U90 applications from a local or remote PC, plus tool for .NET, OPC, and DDE.